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In India there are well laid down legal provisions of CSR of companies. There are specific provisions for pollution control, restriction on use of plastics, treatment of wastages, forestation, etc. Jupiter goes above and beyond of what is expected of us by the law. Our policies and business practices are framed to ensure sustainability, pollution control, environment protection, use of safe materials and processes and fairness of manufacturing and trade practices.

Some of the CSR initiatives undertaken by us have been

Pyrolysis Plant

We have planned investment in Pyrolysis Project in which the waste will be processed and converted into energy. This facility will be available to our customers also. It will go a long way to help reduce the menace of plastics.

Reduction of Carbon Footprint

We adopted a public park in Sector – 23, Market, Sonepat Haryana and it is being maintained by us. The park is a source of clean air to the morning/evening walkers and an opportune place of play for children.

Women Empowerment

India is no exception to the fact that in the world over women lag behind men in status as well as opportunity. We believe that by empowerment of women and Gender equality , India can accelerate its growth hugely. Jupiter distributed 15 Nos. Sewing Machines.

Planting Trees

Recognizing environmental, social and economic impact of trees, UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) included planting of trees as one of the means. Jupiter endorses this and contributed its bit by planting 1000 trees in Murthal Haryana.

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