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Adequate capacity of printing with state of the art 8 to 10 colors machines to print :

  • PET, BOPP, CPP, PE, Nylon, PVC and Paper etc. with distinct features of
  • Auto registration control
  • Auto viscosity controllers
  • Simultaneous reverse and surface printing
  • Equipped with ESA for high definition printing
  • Proven technology of BOBST and CERUTTI


More than matching lamination capacity :

  • Solvent less , solvent base and water base lamination process
  • The most modern combo process machine of Nordmeccanica

Coating and Hot Melt

Adequate capacity for hot melt and speciality coatings.

  • Hot melt machine is equipped  with registered hot melt coating enabling substantial cost saving
  • Facility quipped with heat seal coating for lidding and lock sealing

Poly Coating Extrusion

  • Facility of extrusion lamination for customised thickness of sandwich substrates.
  • Mono and tandem extrusion lines from Fongkee, Taiwan


Metallization plays a twin role of imparting glossy look and reduction in the use of RM without sacrificing or compromising the required barrier values for a laminate. We have installed a world class 2450mm wide web metallizer from Applied, Germany. Coupled with our holography facilities, the metallization capability gives us an edge over others in the Industry.

  • Metallization of BOPET, CPP, BOPP, PAPER
  • Normal metallization
  • AlOx metallization
  • Lesser RM, lesser cost better barrier and better quality
  • Metallizing of as thin as 8 micron film
  • Direct metallizing as well as transfer metallizing on paper
  • Useful as a anti-counterfeiting tool
  • Enhanced and heightened gloss and shine

Cylinder Manufacturing

A correctly manufactured cylinder is as much necessary as are other process ingredients like raw materials, inks, infrastructure, quality checks/controls, etc. We are putting up a full-fledged cylinder manufacturing unit.

  • Capacity to produce 3000 cylinders every month
  • First of its kind auto plating line in India with shaftless multiple cylinder clamping system
  • Precision base-shell geometry using special purpose CNC machines
  • Hell’s Xtreme engraving and HQH Pro technology from Hell Germany for superior details and security applications
  • Robust QA system with precision testing and measuring instruments
  • Digital proofing system from EFI and GMG

Printing Ink Adhesives Coatings and Formulations

Inks, adhesives, coatings and other formulations impart a far greater bearing in the selection of substrate for a product and finally in deriving the desired result from the laminate. Realising this, Jupiter has installed modern equipment and obtained experienced expertise for in-house customised manufacture of inks, adhesives, coatings and other requisite formulations.

Our in house facility empowers us in:

  • Freedom from dependence on outside sources;
  • Meet general as well as specific/customised product requirement
  • Quality assurance
  • Legal compliance and conformity with CEPE Exclusions

Blown Film

  • In house facility of three layer PE film manufacturing
  • Machines from Reifenhauser and Windsor, Germany, equipped with auto gauge controller and auto mixing and feeding with plast control system
  • Capable to produce ultra flat film for printing and lamination


Capacity in pouching have been added to our formidable converting operation through latest generation machines such as Totani and Zhoutai. These provide capability for

  • Shape pouches
  • Spout pouches
  • 3-D stand up pouches
  • Zipper Pouches – pocket zipper and zipper with membrane
  • Centre seal pouches
  • 3 side seal pouches
  • 5 side seal pouches
  • Slider pouches, gusseted pouches with spine , easy tear pouches etc.
  • Retort and liquid pouches
  • Vaccum pouches


Cosmetic appeal and “Difficult to copy” feature of packaging of product playa great role in choice of the and customer in favour of a particular brand. Brand Owner interfere find holography as an important process for brand protection and product acceptance. We have a full-fledged holography division with:

  • Most modern processes to impart gloss and cosmetic appeal to the packaging
  • Incorporating registered or general security features. Effective anti- counterfeiting tool
  • Cast and cure process
  • Transfer embossing
  • Hot stamping
  • Stand alone embossing and coating
  • Stand alone embossing and coating
  • Twin process of coating and embossing
  • UV drying and hot air drying
  • In house shim preparation
  • Customised and exclusive designs and security features
  • Machines from reputed manufacturers like DIAVY, ITALY
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