• Spread over 14 acres of land.

  • Clean, Hygienic, Ventilated, temperature, humidity controlled and dust free environment in production, raw material and finished product stores areas.

  • Highly motivated, experienced and talented work force.

  • State of the art Machines and Cutting edge technologies in use.

  • Adequate Capacities to meet present demandand fully geared for future expansion.

  • Adequate Power load availability and effective backups.

  • Ultramodern laboratories for Quality Control and R & D.

  • Exclusive processes and products through cutting edge technologies in Metallization( Alox and Fresure), Holography (direct and transfer technology), Exceptional Cosmetic Appeal and effective Anti Counterfeit Tool .

  • Competitive edge through speciality Inks , Coatings and Formulations.


  • Huge printing capacity to Print Paper, Pet, Bopp etc.

  • State of the art 8 to 10 color printing Machines of manufacturers of world repute like Bobst and Pelican. .

  • Surface as well as reverse printing in Gravure Operation..

  • Use of Pu , Vinyl ,Nc Base , Water Base & Speciality inks

  • Facility of simultaneous reverse and surface printing in a single job on two separate stations of same machine without change

  • Facility of specific and stand alone insertions in a given product`s design through Gravure Printing Process..

  • On line registered coating simultaneous with printing for enhanced looks..


  • Basic lamination Wet and Dry, Solvent and Solvent Free.

  • Wide as well as narrow web high speed machines .

  • Use of Water Base Adhesives.

  • Facility of triple layer continuous Uniterupped Lamination

  • Facility of twin process of lamination and heat seal coating on same machine

  • Facility of Extrusion Lamination .

  • Mono as well as Tandem Extrusion Lamination units from fongkee ..

  • Exclusive coating machines for full and or Registered Coating.

  • Coating Machines for full and or Regisered Coating using UV Drying process for heightened gloss and appeal.


  • 2450mm wide web Metallization unit from Applied germany.

  • Metallization of Bopet, Cpp, Bopp, Paper and Pet.

  • Normal Metallization.

  • Alox Metallization

  • First in india . .fresure—speciality( Alox + Melamine) Metalization

  • Lesser Raw Material, Lesser cost better barrier and better quality..

  • Metallizing of as thin as 8 micron...

  • Direct Metallizing as well as transfer Metallizing on paper.

  • Transparent , see through full and registered window packaging ..


  • In house facility of Three Layer pe Film manufacturing .

  • Machines from Reifenhauser and Winsor Germany .

  • Capacity to produce quality film.


  • Most Modern processes to impart gloss and cosmetic appeal to the packaging.

  • Incorporating registered or General Security Features. effective AntiCounter-Feiting Tools.

  • Cast and Cure process.

  • Soft Online, Offline Embossing.

  • Transfer Embossing.

  • Hot stamping .

  • Stand alone Embossing and Coating.

  • Twin process of coating and embossing.

  • UV drawing and hot air drawing.

  • In house shim preparation.

  • Customised and exclusive designs and security feeatures .

  • Machines from reputed manufacturers like Diavy,Italy.


  • A dedicated chemical division for Ink, Adhesives, Coating.

  • Modern laboratories for Quality Control and R & D.

  • Full time assistance to other divisions.