Corporate Social Responsibility

We have not inherited this Earth from our fore-fathers. We have borrowed it from our children

Lester Brown

We at Jupiter look at CSR initiatives as a creative opportunity to fundamentally strengthen our business while contributing to society at the same time. As a part of a bigger system of people, values, organizations and nature, the social responsibility of a business is to give back to the world just as it gives to us. Jupiter Laminates is always a step ahead in environmental sustainability initiatives recognizing its responsibility to conduct business in a way that protects the environment for future generations.

Environmental awareness as well as governmental legislation is driving the continuous demand for sustainability and the reduction of industry impact on environment. Our emphasis on innovation of products as well as processes to reduce our carbon footprint, to elicit the best out of waste by recycling of materials, and minimizing industrial emissions shows our firm resolve for green and eco-friendly packaging solutions.

As an environmentally conscientious company, we try to inculcate the following:

  • Lightweight and downsized packaging design

  • Foster recycling initiatives

  • Increased use of renewably sourced materials

  • Innovation and change management in packaging and logistical efficiency

All our initiatives stem from the belief that a commitment to the environment is not a burden but an opportunity to explore alternative and environmentally sustainable packaging solutions. Having a positive impact on societal issues such as enhanced eco-friendly initiatives is not a “quick fix” project, but a sustained effort. Our CSR initiatives reinforce core values, vision and philosophy of the management as well as the workforce. Some of the philanthropic initiatives undertaken by us include:

  • Tree plantation Drive: under which over 1000 + saplings have been planted and adopted for making the world a greener space

  • Adopted a park our production campus to give back to the society in equal measure

  • Sports equipment, books and stationary distribution is done on a quarterly basis to needy children in collaboration with various NGOs

  • 50 Sewing machines were recently gifted for generation of self-employment and empowering women in association with the Anganwadi